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Inside Story takes a sabbatical

A February 2022 message from the editor

The past couple of years have been a challenging time for all of us. For a small magazine like Inside Story, publishing in an ever-evolving media landscape, the pandemic has also highlighted the need to focus on what’s important and distinctive about what we do, and to do it better.

A lot has changed since we launched in 2008, not least the arrival of the Conversation, the Guardian Australia and the Saturday Paper, so it seems like a good moment for us to take some time to reassess and refine our aims. To do this, we’re taking a longer summer break than usual this year — several months in fact — to think and plan. We have some exciting possibilities in mind, and we’ll let you know about them once they’re more developed.

All our existing articles will remain accessible, of course, but we won’t be publishing any new pieces during this time.

Many thanks for your support over the years — it’s been vital for us. We’ll be back in touch soon; in the meantime, we’ll be publishing more selections from our archive.

— Peter Browne