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Could I describe you as a Catholic feminist?

From the Radio National archive, Terry Lane talks to Labor senator Jacinta Collins

Terry Lane 9 July 2013 118 words

Between fully practising and non-practising: Jacinta Collins (right) with Penny Wong, Kevin Rudd and Anthony Albanese talking to journalists in Canberra on 8 July.

Victorian Labor senator Jacinta Collins was elected deputy leader of the government in the Senate after Kevin Rudd’s recent return to the prime ministership. Given her avowed Catholic beliefs, her subsequent appointment as minister for mental health and ageing has attracted criticism. In April 2002, when she was a member of the committee inquiring into the “children overboard” affair, she spoke to ABC Radio National’s on The National Interest about the inquiry, her religious beliefs and euthanasia. Courtesy of Radio National, this is an extract from that interview.

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